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Women's Gynaecological & Hormone Nutrition

supported with Nutritional Therapy, Functional Medicine & Naturopathy


Lorna Driver-Davies


Lorna Driver-Davies has worked for a decade as a registered naturopathic nutritional therapist, integrating functional medicine practice and her knowledge of botanicals as a herbal medicine dispenser.

She has expertise in teen and women’s hormone and gynaecological nutrition, working with diagnosed conditions and irregularities (including psychological changes related to menstrual and hormone health), menstrual cycle optimisation, the promotion of healthy female hormones, healthy peri-menopause and menopause, healthy fertility, pregnancy and post-natal health, thyroid health, minimising the affects upon organs and systems that connect to the stress response, sleep and optimising energy.


Lorna recognises the important role of the immune system, digestive health and the microbiome, detoxification and genetics in women’s health. Lorna has special skills in working with complex conditions that require medical, medication and surgical intervention and is able to ‘complement’ medical support with safe appropriate nutrition and lifestyle programmes. She often refers to and works alongside specialist women’s health doctors and nurses.



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