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Philosophy & Experience

Professional experience or positions

  • Regularly lectures to members of the public, medical and nutritional professionals and mentors nutrition students. She is quoted on female health and nutrition in the media and press.

  • Nutrition speaker for The British Society for Gynaecological Endoscopy (BSGE) annual meeting. And the Nutrition lecturer for the BSGE's Endometriosis Nurse's education teaching course for postoperative nutrition care (nationwide). 

  • Published work: Evidence-based peer reviewed case analysis chapter on nutrition for Endometriosis, thyroid and hormone health featured in 'Case Studies in Personalized Nutrition (Personalized Nutrition and Lifestyle Medicine for Healthcare Practitioners)':


  • Head of Nutrition at Wild Nutrition, where she advises members of the public, nutrition practitioners and medical professionals on women’s, men’s and family health and supplementation.

  • Expertise in Perimenopause:
    Lorna spoke at the 2023 Integrative & Personalised Medicine Conference to medical doctors and functional nutrition practitioners, her expert panel talk entitled:
    Perimenopause - Taming the Heat in this Proinflammatory Life Phase: Emerging evidence, research and experts characterize the Perimenopause life stage as inflammatory and immunologically unstable. This presentation puts forward that evidence and findings, and discusses solutions and a functional approach using nutrition, diet, botanicals and nutrients to prevent neurodegeneration, dysfunctional immunomodulation and cardiac-metabolic issues.

  • Regularly attends CPD (continuing professional development) lectures and seminars on nutrition, functional medicine and botanicals in order to keep up to date with research, practical applications and, most importantly, safe practice.


Lorna has always felt this 'practice' (nutrition science and natural healing) feels so natural for her because its in her DNA - coming from a family ancestry which includes surgeons, pharmacists, apothecaries and more recently as the daughter of revered Medical Herbalist and Naturopath, Dr Jill Rosemary Davies. Her childhood and teens gave her the foundation of understanding that healthy food and medicinal plants can have an amazingly optimizing effect on our mind and body. Lorna was ahead of the game, being raised from 1982 on natural, organic and delicious home-made meals – full of antioxidant and microbiome supporting herbs, spices, plants and wholefoods.

At home there was also a focus on the provenance of foods such as meat, fish and dairy (local, free range, grass fed and so forth) and a preference for traditional ways of preparing foods such as fermentation, ‘live’ cultures (such as home-made unpasteurized yogurt) and slow cooking. During that time Lorna was exposed to new concepts about health that were considered very ‘uncool’ or radical in the 1980s, but which today we accept positively as scientifically validated. From her teens she keenly absorbed clinical information from her mother on supporting female clients with herbs and naturopathy. All this has given Lorna the passion and drive to help others today and she still often lectures alongside her mother to nutrition and herbal students, as well as professionals, on plant chemistry and naturopathic practice.

Lorna’s philosophy is that while food and meals can be healing, it should also be a joyful and non-stressful experience to eat and explore new tastes and smells. And that eating well does not need to be complicated or exhausting for those who lack time or skills

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