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Listen to Lorna: Podcasts

Listen to Lorna: Recent Podcast Interviews

How to Live Well through Perimenopause: Functional Health Podcast

Lorna speaks to fellow Nutritionist Ben Atkinson, host of his 'Functional Health Podcast' - diving into the world of perimenopause to discuss nutrition/gynaecology, laboratory testing and lifestyle interventions to help support an easier transition into this life stage. A healthier perimenopause may even support an 'easier' menopause. Lorna discusses what is happening during this life stage, and common symptoms or signs to look out for and provides a greater understanding on why they are occurring. 

Series 6, episode 71.

Female Teenage Health & Nutrition

Lorna talking to host of 'The best of Health' Podcast Tanya Borowski (episode 7).

One of Lorna's areas of clinical expertise is adolescent health, development and hormones.

Perimenopause & Menopause Nutrition & Lifestyle

Lorna speaking on recognising and handling the signs of perimenopause/menopause with Henrietta Norton (co-founder of Wild Nutrition) on Wild Nutrition's new podcast 'Wild Sessions'

Thyroid health and how it affects Endometriosis and fertility with Dr Lizzie Alexander's The Endo Fertility Podcast

Lorna explains how thyroid health is central to female wellness, so this podcast episode is not just for those with endometriosis or looking to conceive. If you care about your health as a woman, then getting clued up on your thyroid health is key!

Episode 32

Menstrual Cycle Health with Alissa Timoskina - Chef, Cookbook Author and host of Motherfood Podcast

Lorna discusses the biology of the menstrual cycle and how this is affected by diet, lifestyle and key nutrients. 

Series 3, episode 5 (part 2 of The Wild Nutrition interviews)


Nutrition for Endometriosis - Functional Health Podcast

In this two-part podcast, Lorna speaks to fellow Nutritionist Ben Atkinson's 'Functional Health Podcast' - diving into the world of endometriosis to discuss nutrition and lifestyle interventions to support outcomes. Lorna talks about common signs, symptoms and shares practical tips and takeaways.
Episode 42 and 43 (part 1 and part 2)

Part 1:

Part 2:

Endometriosis & Fertility with Dr Lizzie Alexander's The Endo Fertility Podcast

This is recommended listening even if you are not looking to conceive, as Lorna covers many topics related to Endometriosis which are important for any woman with Endometriosis regardless of whether you are looking to conceive or not. 

Episode 19

Understanding Perimenopause with the College of Naturopathic Medicine (CNM) Podcast

Lorna explains what is happening in a woman’s body during Perimenopause, the symptoms that might occur and when to expect these changes. She also offers her advice on how to manage Perimenopause naturally through diet, nutrition and lifestyle.  

Episode 21

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