Specialist Services


Menstrual Cycle & Hormone Optimization

Lorna has extensive knowledge from working with clients diagnosed with conditions connected to female hormone or other metabolic changes and is experienced with sophisticated hormone testing. She is also passionate about working with women who have lost their menstrual cycle due to psychological causes (rather than physical or metabolic changes) and those seeking to optimise libido and a healthy sex life at any life stage. The aim of Lorna’s practice is to provide support for menstrual cycle regularity, issues of discomfort, and where a client’s cycle is affecting them psychologically, the loss of periods or a period returning after coming off contraception. She aims to help clients gain a better understanding of their menstrual cycle and optimise ovulation, both for the purpose of conception and for general health, since a healthy period is a sign of overall good health. 

Endometriosis & Adenomyosis


Seventy per cent of Lorna’s clients have an Endometriosis or Adenomyosis diagnosis, providing her with deep clinical experience and enabling her to develop highly specific protocols for these complex conditions. Lorna has a special interest in, and passion for, endometriosis cases and has been fortunate to work under the tutelage of highly respected endometriosis nutrition expert Henrietta Norton. This experience, together with learning from medical professionals who specialise in these conditions, has enriched her knowledge and clinical capacity. She regularly advises the general public, outpatients and specialist endometriosis nursing teams, as well as laparoscopic excision surgeons, on dietary support for these conditions. Lorna is positive and dynamic about how diet and lifestyle can play a major role in the management and experience of living with these conditions as a result of having observed such great success on a weekly basis. Lorna sees clients with all the spectrums of ‘need’ or severity from those who can live with natural-only support to those who have required laparoscopic excision surgery and medications. Lorna also works with those who have Endometriosis and/or Adenomyosis as well as PCOS (since all three can be present at the same time) and who are looking to conceive.


PCOS (Polycystic Ovary Syndrome)

A large majority of Lorna’s clients have PCOS, from which she has gained deep clinical experience thus enabling her to develop highly specific protocols for this complex condition. General advice for PCOS diets can be helpful, but is sometimes not sufficient due to the many different aspects requiring attention, for example, metabolic control or ‘blood sugar’, female hormone optimization, ovulation support, immune and inflammation support, gut function and digestive health, adrenal, thyroid and nervous system support, specific advice regarding healthy lifestyle and exercise choices. Lorna sees clients anywhere on the spectrum, from those who can live with natural-only support to those who require medical interventions and medications. As noted above, PCOS, Endometriosis and Adenomyosis can coexist. Lorna seeks to support women who are looking to conceive and have PCOS. 


Perimenopause & Menopause

This life stage can involve a shift in nutrition and lifestyle needs and a professional overview can be helpful. It is very common for energy, sleep and metabolism to change. For example, you may notice changes in your energy and weight. In perimenopause women can start to experience changes in mood and psychology not previously experienced. Pre-existing symptoms or health ‘niggles’ can begin to increase or become more noticeable during this time. Perimenopause is characterised by ‘hormone fluctuation’ and this creates a requirement for changes in diet and lifestyle, both to manage what can feel ‘bumpy’ or bewildering and in order to optimise a feeling of peak wellness. Once in full menopause, it is then about protecting the body and brain that results from a decrease in hormone levels. Lorna is also passionate about helping these women achieve optimal vaginal health and a healthy libido (sexual health). Health testing can be very helpful (hormone, thyroid function, nutrient status and more) and, together with a new dietary and lifestyle regime, helps to cushion the transition. 


A Healthy Thyroid

With more than fifty per cent of her clients requiring some form of thyroid support, Lorna has gained extensive experience working with thyroid conditions and applying nutrition programmes alongside thyroid medication. There are thyroid hormone receptors found in nearly all cells of the human body that regulate basic physiological processes, and thyroid hormones act on nearly every cell in the body. A healthy thyroid, therefore, is essential for both general and female health. The thyroid can become very easily ‘unsettled’ at specific life stages. This can be due to other medical conditions, nutritional imbalances and during times of ‘challenge’ (modern living, lack of sleep and so forth). Female hormones, gynaecological conditions and the immune system can all affect thyroid health. Women looking to support a healthy weight and metabolism may need to take a closer look at thyroid health, as well as women preparing to conceive (fertility and thyroid health can go hand in hand). Some clients under supervision of their doctor may have been recommended to seek initial nutritional support before considering medication (if their test results are low risk or sub-optimal), and Lorna can support those cases too.


Healthy Sleep, Immunity, Energy, Stress Response & Wellness MOT

Lorna is experienced working with clients who have busy home and work lives and she understands the demands of modern living. It is essential to maintain a healthy sleep-wake cycle, and the organs and systems that affect energy, as well as minimise the effects upon organs and systems connected to the stress response such as the nervous system, adrenal glands, and thyroid. Some clients may simply be looking to restore these areas of their health and smooth out health ‘niggles’. Sleep, energy and stress response also impact the immune system (implicated in female gynaecological and thyroid conditions), female hormones, the menstrual cycle and menstrual conditions, including mood. Support for all these areas is therefore extremely important.


Gut & Healthy Digestion

A healthy gut and good digestion play a key role in the management and enhancement of female health and hormones. A healthy digestive system strongly impacts nutrient status, the immune system and how the human microbiome plays a role in gynaecological health and conditions. Of more recent interest is scientific research into the vaginal microbiome and its correlation to vaginal and pelvic health, optimal fertility and pregnancy, and that of the ‘estrobolome’ showing the link between gut bacteria, oestrogen metabolism and hormones. As part of any programme, Lorna will always look at how a client’s digestive/gut performance could be impacting female-specific symptoms and overall health, especially in cases where it may also be exerting an effect on the ‘body mechanics’ or physical experience of gynaecological conditions.

Teenage Health


Teenagers have an increased demand for energy and nutrients as they go through the most physically and mentally demanding life phase they will ever experience, one that occurs in a very compressed period of time. This intensified and unique phase requires close attention to nutrition because of the ease with which nutrition ‘input’ versus ‘output’ can become out of balance. This is especially so if teenagers lead busy academic lives along with sporting or other extracurricular activities. Teenagers will require extra support for their musculoskeletal system, immune system, hormone balance, brain health, mood, and sleep, as well as support for psychological and metabolic (blood sugar) issues to which they are prone. Lorna recommends that teenagers on special diets seek professional advice to prevent missing out on key nutrients required for growth and development.


Theatre & Film Clients

Lorna has extra experience working with clients who work in film and theatre (actresses, actors, directors and production) as she understands different support is required while working on set, during post-production and when at home. Lorna puts dietary programmes together that can work around ‘location’, where access to food can be different to that of home meals. This includes taking care of likely nutritional ‘gaps’ that can occur due to being away on set or location for weeks or months. She also understands the industry and what is required for performance artists to be their best but not forsaking their health and wellbeing.